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Organizing, filing, and keeping the records safe is a job that requires expertise. For organizations, every piece of paper that contains information in numbers is important, and losing the documents mean interference in business records and internal audit.

To avoid those last-minute setbacks, be proactive and let us deal with your records. Your invoices, insurance records, client’s demographic forms, healthcare forms, medical records, legal documents, data operation records, sales receipts, email addresses, and important forms are safe with us. We process forms by successfully converting hardcopies into electronic forms in order to keep your data secure and accessible.

Our services are open for numerous organizations, including educational institutes, hospitals, firms, software houses, insurance agents, restaurants, healthcare teams, international warehouses, retailers, and other institutions that have to deal with hard copies in bulk.

Forms Processing at WorldTech BPO Adds Value  

Losing forms is equal to losing data records which can be dangerous for your business growth in the longer run. Our systematic forms processing service saves you from the hassle of handling enormous hardcopy data allowing you to access data in a more readable form. Our services include;

  • Delivering high-quality manual data entry before transferring data into electronic form. Our data entry experts match the forms repeatedly to ensure error-free processing.
  • Converting manual data into an automated form processing system to ensure accessibility and greater synchronization
  • Dividing and categorizing forms under their classifications to provide a user-friendly interface to data
  • The forms include but are not limited to; tax statements, payrolls, emails, registration forms, order forms, legal forms, insurance policy forms, real-estate forms, medical records, educational and administrative documents, invoices, slips, receipts, including tax numbers, research data, online forms and any other document that needs to be recorded.

Our Route to Forms Processing Services

From collection to delivering electronic data, we have introduced a transparent and accurate system for processing hardcopies. Our route to proficient forms processing is as follows;

  • Collecting data including texts, audio-visual files, numbers, images, and any other form as per the requirement of our client
  • Manually record the data into a digital form before converting it into an automated processing system.
  • Classifying the recorded data into a special category by assigning ids to each category in order to narrow down the scattered data into a meaningful form
  • Converting the data into an electronic record system and providing an easy infrastructure to the particular organization for maintaining and accessing their records
  • Rigorous system upgrades according to advanced technology and updated software.
  • Maintenance of software against technical glitches and faults to ensure data security

Why Should You Outsource Your Forms Processing to Us?

At WorldTech BPO, the services are provided by professional forms processing experts. With us, you will additionally get;

  • Multilingual Processing

We are a global network with an in-house team of multilingual data experts to collect, record, and process data in various languages.  

  • Advanced-Data Conversion

The manual forms can be converted into HTML, PDF, WORD, CGI, JSP, PHP, and ASP formats as per your business requirement.

  • Timely Delivery

We ensure timely delivery irrespective of data size. Our consultant discussed the deadline beforehand to avoid miscommunication and strengthen long-term professional working relations. We offer special packages to convert bulk data into electronic format within a limited time. 

  • Data Security

Your data is kept confidential under strict guidelines. We protect our clients’ data by law, and our dedicated data experts regularly update the cyber security system to avoid scams or data forgery.

  • Global Form Processing Services

Our services are not restricted to any city or country. Rather we are present globally. We provide our services across the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and other parts of the world. You may contact us according to your time zone, and our customer support will quickly respond.

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